EZ Granite Tile Video Explanation

Sample Kitchen Installation

EZ Granite Tiles

These sheets measure a total of 18"x25" with a 3cm face. They sit perfectly onto a 24" deep cabinet and hang over the cabinet by 1". Average price of an EZ tile is about $35. If you have a 9ft countertop, you'd ned 6 EZ tiles totaling just over $200.

Long Outside Corners

Outside Corners

These are granite bullnose edges with a rounded outside corner intended to cap off the end of a cabinet or bar top. These are a huge advantage to using the EZ Granite Tile system over plain 12x12 granite tiles. People with kids and grandkids particularly love this product. No more sharp corners on your granite tile countertop.

Granite Tile + 3inch bullnose for Kitchen Counters

18 x 21 Granite Tile + 3" Bullnose

These two pieces accomplish the same thing an individual EZ tile does. However using the two granite tile pieces separately is generally about 20% less expensive than using EZ granite tiles. The bullnose edge measures 4" x 24" with 1" hanging over the cabinet, just like on EZ tile. This layout can be more efficient than EZ tiles when you have odd sized islands or peninsulas. Standard height between countertop and wall cabinets is 17-18 inches. Rotate one of the 18" x 21" granite tiles and it serves as a full wall backsplash.

Undermount Sinkcutout for Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops

Undermount Sinkcutout Set -

Until now, undermounts sinks with granite tile kitchen countertops have been impossible for the DIYer. Now we offer two EZ granite tiles already cutout in the shape of our unsymmetrical undermount kitchen sink. This is a new product for us so it is not yet available in all of the colors. The cutout set includes 2 EZ granite tiles and a 16gauge stainless steel kitchen sink for $299. This sink alone at home depot costs between $340-400 depending on where you live.

4inch Granite Backsplash for Kitchen Counters

4" Ogee Backslpash

This is the easiest way to finish a good looking backsplash. These granite tile pieces measure 4" x 24" and have an ogee edge on the top - hence the name ogee backsplash. Matching the granite color is always a safe way to go for backsplash. At 4" tall the ogee edge looks great but is short enough to usually be beneath most electrical outlets and window sills. Meaning you just paste it on the wall and you're done.

4inch Granite Backsplash for Kitchen Counters

24" x 24" Granite Tiles -

These pieces are intended for inside corners when using the EZ Granite Tile. If you notch just the bullnose of two EZ tiles where they meet at an inside corner you are left with a 24" x 24" uncovered space in the corner. One of these tiles will cover it up. They area also sometimes used for taller backsplash walls or with the 3" bullnose when you have a deeper cabinet area or peninsula area (25-30").

4inch Granite Backsplash for Kitchen Counters

Granite Inside Corners -

These pieces measure 4" x 4", intended to be used on an inside corner when using the 18" x 21" granite tile with 3" bullnose. With these pieces you don't need to do an a mitre cut on the bullnose. Unfortunately due do low demand we are discontinuing them so they are not available in all of the granite colors now.

Undermount Sinkcutout for Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops

Short Outside Corners

These granite tile pieces are just like the long corners except they are 10" long. We are discontinuing these pieces so they are not available in all colors.